Friday, October 14, 2011

! thesis again so again not a blog post !

Selama 3 tahun saya belajar, sambil mendengarkan apa kata dosen serta mencari sumber-sumber sebagai mata pelajaran tambahan kuliah kesana kemari, kini saatnya saya sedang melakukan tugas akhir. Semoga Tugas Akhir ini dapat berjalan dengan baik so good my thesis...! ;)

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mean Oracle

What is Oracle?

Oracle is a database product that uses the concept of Relational Database Management System, which is the basis used in database technology. In Oracle, Oracle is a database that has new features among the many existing databases. Oracle is the RDBMS which is very good in memanejement. Excess Oracle is able to accommodate many data stored in one database, data recovery, backup and others.
Oracle 9i Sample
1. Database clusters, using Real Application technology clusters (RAC). One of the functions of the RAC is to provide protection to the continuity of data in the company so that in case of a crash on one database server, it will not affect company performance. This is because the RAC technology allows to create multiple database servers to be as if one database server, database server so that if there is down, the performance of the database server will be take over by other servers.
2. Row-Level Locking, this feature can not only lock on the table-level friend, but it is possible to further lock up on row-level. So that users can access data in a table at the same time, faster and more accurate.
3. Data Partitioning, Oracle 9i allows us to partition a table or index. This will improve our ability to manage the data.
4. Oracle 9i OLAP (Online Analytical Processing Integrated), Oracle OLAP functions (which previously could only be found in OLAP databases) that are well integrated into the relational database, so we do not need a database other than Oracle itself.
5. Oracle 9i Data Mining & Data Warehousing, this feature makes it easy for companies that want to develop business applications Intellegent which aims to help corporate executives in menentuksan corporate strategy based on analysis of data generated by Oracle 9i Data Mining.
6. Virtual Private Database, this feature provides increased flexibility and security guarantees to the row-level security. This will make our application becomes more secure when we conduct transactions via the Internet.
7. Intelegent Self-Managing, for the DBA, this feature will make the process of database tuning and database management easier.
8. Flashback Query, this feature allows us to view the status of our data backed up a few times (flash back) until the limits we set, so if there kesalahaan data in the past, then we can make corrections without having to perform database recovery.

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